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mag tip elektronik basınç şalteri ,Model 3140
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Ürün kodu: Model 3140 Mag switch
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mag tip elektronik basınç şalteri ,Model 3140

 mag tip elektronik basınç şalteri ,Model 3140 ,Model 3141
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Electronical pressure switch MagSwitch with integrated LED

The compact electronic pressure switch MagSwitch provides pressure monitoring. Adjusting screws are used to set the switching point whilst under pressure. Integrated LEDs indicate the current switching state.
The principle of non-impact measurement based on the Hall-effect produces a pressure switch which has a high level of repeatability and durability, even in the case of a high number of pressure cycles.

The contact functions (normally open / normally closed) and the contact types (p-switching / n-switching) are available as optional extras. Switching currents ranging from a few Micro-Amps to 100mA allow the MagSwitch to be easily integrated into almost any control system. The adjustable hysteresis enables to build up 2-position controllers easily without additional external components.

A pressure connection free of elastomers qualifies the MagSwitch for many liquid and gaseous media.
The metal diaphragm can also be used without any problem for simultaneously occurring pressure and vacuum

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