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rotary electric actuator ( REA 80 .... T-REA3000 ),
Homepage » TORK-REA Serie electric actuators,rotary types » rotary electric actuator ( REA 80 .... T-REA3000 ),
Product code: TORK-REA 80 ..............TORK-REA3000
Brand: TORK
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rotary electric actuator ( REA 80 .... T-REA3000 ),

 Rotary electric actuator torques :80Nm upto3000Nm

TORK- REA80 ...up to T-REA300Series, 
high quality,1PH,3PH voltage on-off ,proportional , and exproof models, has long life.

Application: open to close using butterfly valves,ball valves,dampers,plug valves,electric actuated valves

TORK-REA 80 and TORK-REA3000 rotary electric actuator features

body Aluminium alloy house,high grade, and high resistance for corrosion,
 anodizing in side,outside,also polyester powder coating  external surface
working voltage

 220 V AC 1 PH,50/60 Hz, ,(on request 110 V AC,24V DC),( 0,4A...0,19A,
 380 V AC 3 PH and 440V AC)

 specify voltage of actuator on order.
 protection class Weaterproof,IP67,
 manuel ovirride declutching mechanism
 mechanical stopper 2,extarnal adjustable screw
 self locking provided by duble worm gearing
 heater for humadity 10 W,220V ,110V AC
 open-close time 12...112sn (50..60Hz ,90 degree turn)
 motor induction motor,reversible motor,.
 limit switches 2 pcs open-close and  16 A, S.P.D.T
 on request: 2 limit switches added
 torque switches open/close S.P.D.T 250V 12 A rating
 ambient temperature -20 C......70C degree, 90%RH humadity max(non condensing)
 cable entries 3 pcs   PF3/4" tap
 valve mounting flange ISO5211standard  F03 / F05 / F07........
 PCU kit proportional control unit (in put 4-20mA,0..10VDC/ output 4-20mA,0..10VDC
 PIU  kit position indication unit,potentiometer kit(1K...10K)
 SICU kit semi integral control unit(LCU+IMS+phase protect indicator)
 ICU  kit inteligent digital control unit(LCU+IMS+ aouto phase discriminator)
 CTP kit curren position transmitter(output: 4-20mA)
 ADCM kit  multi AC/DC motor (24 V integral)
 LCU kit local control unit(remote open/stop/closeı)
 FPA1 fire proofing actuator 1050 C degree ,50 min.
 FPA2 fire proofing actuator 250 C degree ,150 min
 ATS kit additional torque limit switches

 TORK-REA 80   ve    TORK-REA1200  Electric actuator and output torque value Nm

TORK-REANmtime(sn)60/50Hz,60/50Hz,50/60Hz flangekg
TORK-REA.8080Nm13/16220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF077
TORK-REA.10010016/20220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF077
TORK-REA.15015021/25220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF07/F1016
TORK-REA.20020021/25220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF07/F1016
TORK-REA.30030026/31220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF10/F1222
TORK-REA.50050026/31220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF10/F1223
TORK-REA.60060026/31220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF10/F1223
TORK-REA.80080030/35220 V AC110VAC380V,440VF12/F1429
TORK-REA.1200120030/35220 V AC110VAC380V,440V29
TORK-REA.2000200090/110220 V AC110VAC380V,440V75
TORK-REA.3000300090/110220 V AC110VAC380V,440V75

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TORK-REA Serie electric actuators,rotary types

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